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The Pikart and Bayard camp is over!

This weekend we enjoyed a great all-day training with the German Bayards and it was a day we will all remember fondly. We enjoyed it a lot and we believe that the Bayards were also satisfied. In addition to the morning run and warm-up, morning strengthening and wrestling, we worked our way up to the buhurt, technique exercises and cooperation, up to the final pro-fights. Many thanks to our German friends for training our newcomers.

However, it didn't just stop at sports. In the evening, a fire was lit, guitars were played and singing, bratwursts and bacon were baked, we chatted and a little beer went through our glasses :)

After the training, we also took part in the "Spooky Trail", which was organized by Tvrz Libušín for local and Kladno children, and our little ones also went on it :) just everyone got their own way and we all enjoyed it a lot.

We look forward to further cooperation with Bayard and thank all the fighters, supporters and everyone who came to support us for their participation.

Next weekend we have a training camp in Slovakia in St. Martin... KRLEŠ !!! ⚔ 🍷



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