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Who we are?

We are a sports team of the medieval full-contact fight "Pikarti" operating under the auspices of the HMB Club of Česká korouhev, founded in mid-2018.  We do a sport that is officially called HMB, or  Historical Medieval Battles . HMB sport has spread all over the world very quickly and today we can find sports clubs like ours on all continents. Every year, more than 30 nations of the world compete for the championship at the "World Cup" called the Battle of the Nations . The teams of our sports club participate in domestic and foreign tournaments, exhibition matches  and gala evenings. Pikarti will  endeavor  for the privilege of participating in the global competition and for this honor we must literally fight in the National Elimination with all other HMB teams  from all over the Czech Republic. Are you interested in our results so far?

We derive our colors and name from a group of sectarian religious fanatics of the mid and late 15th century, who interpreted the faith "in their own way" and committed various atrocities, when "... they killed at night and committed fornication during the day, they went merrily on the border. .. ".  There were many Pikart sects and sects, among the most famous Adamites.  They committed fornication, murdered themselves, and went naked. In 1421, Jan Žižka could no longer bother to do this (although he was already blind) and pulled out  against the Picards of Tábor and fought them mercilessly on the island near Nežárka. After the suppression of the followers of the sect during  15th century  the word "pikart" took on a derogatory meaning, it basically happened  synonym  for " heretics ". They were labeled not only  Utraquists  (whether moderate or radical), but less frequently even  Catholics  (by the Utraquists). You can find out more about the Picarts and their history on a special page dedicated to it, see History of the Pikarts .

Our team

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Everyone has a role in the team. Someone has to command the women, many have to fight and some have to support the female warriors on their difficult path to victory, each one has to know their tasks and place and act accordingly!

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