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Who we are?

We are a sports team of medieval full contact combat Haugwitz, acting under the auspices of the HMB club MFC Česká korouhev. ​We derive our colors, symbols and name fromcommander of the dreaded Black Legion governor Jan Hanuš Haugwitz from Biskupice. Hejtman Haugwitz commanded the so-called The Black Army (legion), the Hungarians called "Fekete Serég", a military unit composed mainly of Slavic and especially Hussite fighters, forming the core of the army of the Czech-Hungarian King Matthias Corvín, numbering up to several tens of thousands of fighters. This military unit allegedly got its name from the black armor that Jan Hanuš was supposed to wear in battle. However, according to the findings, we find that the entire army wore black for many, mostly practical, reasons. Blackening was used to protect the weapon and as contemporary camouflage, suitable for night military operations. His famous achievements included, for example, the conquest of Vienna or the defeat of the Ottoman Turks in The Battle of the Bread Field. In addition to sports activities, our team also wants to deal with the reconstruction of the personal glaive (unit) of this important Czech military leader. The Black Company mainly ensured his protection and formed an elite unit within the dreaded Black Army. You can learn more about the historical background of the Haugwitz team on the special page dedicated to it, see History of Haugwitz.

Our team

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Everyone has a role in our team. Someone must command the fighters, many must fight and some must support the fighters on their difficult path to victory, everyone must know their tasks and act accordingly!

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