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VSB: invitation to the Combat Sports Gala Evening!

For November, we have prepared another great gala evening for you in cooperation with the boys from NSB, which this time will take place in KD Karlov in Benešov near Prague, and Profights (duels) according to WMFC rules will of course not be missing!

What can you look forward to? An evening full of combat sports will also include full-contact medieval duels within the Profight discipline, which will take place in 2x2 minutes, according to the rules of the international association WMFC.

The match will be judged by a team of international referees led by the certified Marshal Tomáš Bachratý from Slovakia.

What's going on? It is a tournament discipline with a very uncompromising fighting style, where not only points are counted for the wrestlers, but the fight can also end with a total victory by K.O. If the fighters are on the ground, the fight continues. In this very hard and physically demanding discipline, a total of 4 fighters will compete in two duels this evening!

The first Profight will be in the middle weight 75+ category

in which they will compete:

For MFC Česká korouhev Petr Mark and for MFC Slezsko Marek Axman

The second Profight will be in the super-heavy-weight 95+ category

in which they will compete:

For MFC Česká korouhev Jakub Ulrich and for HMB Mamánci Vojtěch Pecha

You can buy tickets in advance, but don't hesitate, they will surely sell out soon!

We look forward to seeing you, we wish the fighters good luck and no serious injuries, and we wish you the audience a lot of fun! So hello on Saturday, November 18 in Benešov at the VSB!!!



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