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Pikarts took part in the DSG Ostrava Buhurt International tournament

This Saturday, Pikarts defended the honor of Česká korouhev at the DSG tournament in Ostrava, which took place in Trojhalí na Karolína. The Ostrava tournament, which was organized under the tutelage of MFC Silesia, is part of the Buhurt International league, so we once again had the honor of meeting not only all Czech, but also foreign fighters and teams, especially from neighboring Poland. Thank you to everyone who came to support us and cheer us on! We would also like to thank the teams we befriended for their support and especially the MFC Silesian club for the great organization of the tournament!

The words of Pikart captain Thomas Brian Wolf: "We came from different parts of the Republic, Slovakia and Germany. We started applying the techniques we learned anew and gradually integrated them into the fight. We also have great support from other Czech teams who are happy to pass on their experience to us such as the teams Mamánci or MFC Vysočina. We are glad that we had the opportunity to participate in the tournament in Ostrava and thereby support the local club of medieval contact combat MFC Slezko. The triple hall in Karolína allowed us comfort in rainy weather and good facilities. We thank the organizers and participants for good event."

A word from the Head of MFC Česká korouhev, Pavel Kolchoz Krejčí: "The Pikarts fought bravely in Ostrava for the MFC Česká korouhev today, and although we are not going home with a medal, we are not going home with shame either. We scored against Sierotk, but unfortunately we narrowly missed victory in the second round and the third round ultimately decided in favor of our Polish Hussite brothers. At the end of the battle of the basic groups, we even defeated MFC Silesia 2:0. Unfortunately, the Slovak Iron Company did not participate, so in the end we faced only three opponents. The experienced SKSKB Prague 1 team beat us gamely, but Overall, progress is noticeable and I feel great pride for our boys!"



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