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The concentration in Nuremberg is behind us!

Shots from full contact hard training

The German Bayard responded to our invitation to the Training in Libušínská Trvz with an invitation to the training in Nuremberg, Germany, where our German friends are based and where they have their great gym. The Bayards treated us royally, offered us hospitality, overnight accommodation and planned a great three-phase training. In the evening, we ended the concentration with a great dinner, drank some Czech and German beer, talked and deepened our common friendship!

Bayardi prepared a three-phase training for us, which was made up of classic aero training, stretching and wrestling, the second training was based on fighting with soft equipment and wrestling, the third training took place in full contact style, where we practiced cooperation, tactics, fighting on the fence and other HMB practices. A great benefit, especially for our newcomers, was the mutual transfer of experience, knowledge and practical combat techniques.

The second phase of training took place in Soft style

We all had a great time at the training and we have to say that the Bayards looked after us like royalty, and that this is certainly not the last training, and that we will continue to cooperate with each other. There is always something to improve, there is always a need to work on yourself. We thank the Bayards for organizing a great training session, we will be happy to return the invitation again soon!

Good luck to the sport! KRLEŠ!!!



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