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The Buhurt League World Cup is upon us!

A great compilation of basic groups A and B, in which our Pikarti 1st part also participated

Overall, our buhurt Pikart teams did not make it out of the basic groups, but we take away valuable experience and rich combat experiences. In such a tough competition, we can only dream about medals for 5 vs 5, but it is important to participate and for most of our players, who were at such a giant tournament for the first time, it is an experience of a lifetime.

Compilation of basic group B and others, in which our Pikarti also participated, part 2

Compilation of battles of basic groups in which Vysočina, Bayard and also Mamánci participated. Part 3

The Czech-Polish alliance faced Great Britain and its allies in the 30 vs 30 discipline

Team Pikarti 2 defeated Hungarian team Desdichado 2:1 in the basic group

Pikarti went up against much more experienced fighters and although the effort was great, it was not enough

The Australian team Kraken didn't give many opportunities to our Pikart duo, but the match was epic

In the end, however, it came down to the medals. Our national team won a beautiful 3rd place in the Czech-Polish Union, which is the first ever Czech medal from the Buhurt World Championship!

Pikart captain Thomas Brian Wolf enjoys his 3rd place medal in the 30 vs 30 event

However, we, the fighters and members of the Czech Banner, had the greatest joy from the fact that the World Cup not only managed to take place in the end, but above all that everything was realized as it should have been, although we had practically only four months to organize this monstrous event. Of course, the greatest thanks go to our patrons Josef František and Markéta Královy, who organized this unforgettable event for us under the banner of WMB International and Tvrze Libušín, which will remain in our hearts forever. Thank you Pepa and Martkétka!!!



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