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Pikarti participated in the Way of Honor tournament

Although Pikarti did not take home any medals from the tournament, they fought with honor and gathered rich experience until the very end. Alongside Bayard Germany, they fought against the best fighters from around the world. Also, new members joined our ranks in battle for the first time, so we all enjoyed the battles to the fullest! The heat was exhausting and the fights were fierce, but the mood was cheerful and sociable, just one big pile of fun and iron :)

5 Czech teams went to fight in Germany this year! One of the biggest buhurt tournaments in Europe was held at the weekend, and the Czech representatives were again absent. The teams MFC Vysočina, HMB Mamánci, as well as us Pikarti, supplemented by members of the friendly team Bayard Germany, and fighters from the SKSKB PRAHA club, the Prague Dwarves team, strengthened by representatives of the Trolls, set out to represent the Czech Republic.

A total of 23 teams from all over the world signed up for the men's 5vs5 category, so the competition was really great. On Saturday, we fought for advancement from the basic groups, and on Sunday, the finals and also the 12vs12 categories took place. For that, we joined forces together with fighters from MFC Vysočina and from the Mamánci team. Prague Dwarves entered the round of 12 alongside White Company and Dallas Warlords.

Thank you to all fighters and supporters who participated!

Thanks to the organizers for the epic preparation and organization!



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