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What did the Karlštejn vintage bring?

Today, with the fighters, members and friends of the MFC Česká Korouhev, we had a nice medieval day as part of the Karlštejnský vinobrání. The sports hike up to the feast hall in the full field gave us a lot of work, but when the drums played and the bells rang on our way, the journey went briskly. Emperor Charles himself invited us to a festive reception in the Banquet Hall, where we confirmed his speech with a toast and a tasting of this year's young wine.

Zdenek Martinek, now Captain of the Haugwitz team, and Pavel Krejčí, Head of MFC Česká korouhev, laid the foundation of the new Haugwitz team together in Karlštejn on the occasion of the Karlštejn wine harvest.



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