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Veszprém: Silver for Buhurt and gold for Profight

On October 15, we took part in a smaller foreign tournament in Veszprém, Hungary, where we participated in the Profight and Buhurt 3vs3 disciplines. We went to Veszprém primarily to gather experience.

Hejtman Pikartů Pavel Krejčí won 1st place in the pro fight tournament in the weight category 95+, when he won over all three opponents with a result of 2:0 per round, of which he ended two matches by K.O.

Pikarti also won 2nd place in the 3vs3 competition out of 6 participating teams from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Apart from the final fight, in which we lost to the host Hungarian team Ferreus Lupus of Captain Ádam Ujvári, we achieved a score of 2:0 per round with each competing team.

Thank you for supporting us, for being with us!

Highlight video od pořadatelské MFC Ferreus Lupus

Veszprém 2022 Playlist, Kamera: Kristýna Anastázie Holodňáková

Veszprém 2022, Fotografie: Kristýna Anastázie Holodňáková



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