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Winner of NSB IV. Pavel Krejčí became the Captain of Pikarts

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Slow motion highlights - NSB IV.

On September 14, 2020, another, fourth and successful, now traditional traditional evening of martial arts called Night of Slavic Fighters took place in Jablonec nad Nisou.

This HMB Profight was fought in the super-heavy weight 95+ kg category duel, according to WMFC rules, category ProLeauge - 3x2 minutes.

Pikart's Captain Pavel "Kolchoz" Krejčí fought Martin "Wikking" Vašák in the duel, in which K.O. and the total victory was won by our Captain.

It was a very tough test for Martin, because he was originally supposed to face a much less experienced opponent, Jan Ropek from Prague. Unfortunately, Honza was injured shortly before the match and unfortunately also due to the fact that the same weekend was to take place at the same time, even on the same day (national championship) in the buhurt discipline for advancing to the world championships 95+ who would be willing to fight Martin the same day after the eliminations themselves. The only fighter who was able and willing to take on was Martin's coach, the Captain of the Czech Pikarts.

Both fighters approached this in such a way that it would be primarily a friendly match, and that it would be a matter of showing the spectators the best of them and, above all, the discipline of profight in full parade. Martin is lighter and more or less a beginner than Pavel, so the forces were not balanced at all and everything played into the cards of Pavel, who also confirmed his role as a faovrit with his total victory.

Festive performance of NSB IV fighters.

Fighters enter the ring.

You can watch the whole match here.

Every year she is awarded a Slavic ax at this event and thanks to some of the personalities of martial arts who have left their indisputable imprint in history. This year, Petr Khru Macháček was selected and awarded by the organizers. We Pikarti were very happy with the choice of organizers, because Petr was also the coach of our Captain and overall we all respect him very much as a fighter, coach and man. It seems that he was also moved and, in addition to the ax, he received a target dagger from the Pikarts. We endowed him with a similar terra dagger, which was also received from us on the 17th Night of the Warriors by Petr's charge and later world boxing champion Pavel "Hakim" Majer.

Petr Khru Macháček talks about his feelings after the ceremonial.



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