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Česká korouhev was originally founded as a group of historical fencing in 2001, when it later transformed into a non-profit organization uniting professional, semi-professional groups and amateur associations of historical fencing, historical-theatre associations, historical music groups, craftsmen and producers of historical props or groups dedicated to historical dances, actors and individuals interested in history itself.

The main pillar of our association was organization and participationknows about cultural-historical events aimed at learning about the traditions and reconstruction of the life of our ancestors in the Middle Ages and also helping historical monuments that are in a critical state.


Our event also includes historical projects of experimental archaeology, event events, theatrical, fencing and musical performances, examples of medieval crafts and the way of life at that time. In addition to athletes, our membership also includes performance professionals, as well as fans and operators of living history. 

For most of us, this activity is mainly a hobby and entertainment, for some it is also a means of livelihood, but the main motto of our association is to provide cultural and historical education in an entertaining way, intended not only for domestic but also foreign audiences. The Czech flag is here simply for the entertainment of our members and the general public. Knight tournaments, during which the blood freezes in the veins, Pub farces, where two fight over a bottle of rum or a markytán, murders for hire, a knight tournament, a spectacular battle where knights fight for the favor of the empress, performances by fire spitters, jugglers and musicians or reconstructions historical battles, we are no strangers to it all...

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