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The World Championship will take place this year in Libušín!

"World Championship" or The Buhurt League World Cup will be held here in Libušín near Kladno on the occasion of the jubilee 30th edition of the Battle of Libušín. And of course the Picarts will be there. Not only as an organizational team, but we will also fight for the honor of our colors and for the honor of the Czech Republic!

You cannot miss this exceptional event. It will be a union of many bests and such an event may not be repeated for a long time. In most cases, similar world tournaments are held repeatedly in the same host country quite exceptionally.

Everything arose from the situation that the world community of medieval contact sports is going through, which is being reorganized due to the unfortunate events of recent years, and thanks to the fact that the Libušín Festival offers many possibilities, we could be of help to the revival of this great sport and the global community. The merit of the idea was to support a good cause, to combine the good with the useful and to help those who are trying to create something new and better on the ruins of the old, to restore our beautiful sport at the world level and thus make this year's jubilee 30th edition of the Battle of Libušín really special.

The fact that the Libušín Festival will not only celebrate a great jubilee this year, but that it will also host the World Cup in medieval contact combat, could be an exceptional way to connect two different worlds so that they positively influence each other.

It is not true that the Battle of Libušín should be some kind of appendage to the Buhurt League World Cup, as certain evil speakers claim, or an egotistical act to satisfy the insatiable ego of a single man. Not! The Battle of Libušín is and always will be the main point of the program of our beautiful historical festival. The festival, which is organized by dozens of passionate and dedicated people, who do not do it for personal gain or fame.

Together with the members of our MFC České Korouhve and Pikarta, we would like to contribute to the joint work so that you, the participants and visitors of the Libušín Festival, enjoy the entire event as it should be. Our sports club and its members are ready to use all their energy and personal time for maximum involvement in the preparations and organization of this year's Libušín Battle.



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